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The tip juuuust got me, O'Dell.

so, as you may or may not know, matt and i are doing a week's worth of Junior year high school livejournal entries this week. which means, at the end of each day, write a lot about what you did, formatted in the style of a 16-17 year old you. cool for us, maybe not for anyone else (sort of like playing The Talented Mr. Rimples).
i'll start with the weekend which meant going home.
friday danielle and i took a totally crowded train. so crowded that we had to sit in the seats that face the other seats. first accross from two female lawyers (possible student lawyers, actually) and then accross from a philadelphia tall man. so, that was a bum rukus except that now i have two tickets for the next two times that i want to go home since they didn't check them. (i'm now realizing that i'm writing this like i'm an actual junior in high school...) once home, i hung out with yapes and went to alex baisle's bachelor pad with mike topley and a story-telling smart man wrestler. i topped the night off by throwing up because i had eaten too much.
saturday was warm. i went to goodwill and princeton as a solo monk. i guess i hung out and recorded or some things at home for a while after that. i then went to borders with danielle where they had nothing of general interest. we hung out for a while and then later in the night i was feeling weird and decided to drive somewhere far. after quickly ruling out new york i just chose the beach. i told myself that i needed to walk on sand. it was actually a nice idea, but on the way home my gas light went on while i was in allentown. so i was getting as nervous as a flock of geese because i was almost certain that i was going to run out of gas either on the highway or in trenton or something. i've never ran out of gas before, but it seems like it'd be shameful. it was also like 2:00 am and i would have to call someone to pick me up somewhere. but that didn't happen and i got home alright.
today, sunday, was also warm. i had to noodle around with some things for my online class which is really paining me currently. darin drove danielle and i to the train station, cutting it close style, and i made the sickening walk from suburban station to my apartment once again. i watched some of the grammys and didn't care much. but i really don't know what the big deal about lil wayne is. he seriously is getting praised like no other and it seems like the last time i checked he was like, the worst of the cash money millionares. i don't get it. i read recently that he's "changing the face of hip hop", and that seems a bit drastic for that guy. i don't know, it's not like i hate rap and don't respect anybody, i just don't get it.
man. this week in livejournal is going to be a blast for everyone.
i'm going to feel ridiculous every time.
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