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The cops are coming for Randy

Second day, and i didn't forget. even though even in junior year, i probably wouldn't have updated about today. but rules are rules. i did realize, however, that this is more so like a sophomore year week, because junior year all i wanted to do was die pretty much. so i'll try to not do that a second time.
but last night i feel asleep around 6:30am. felt bad. so today i woke up at 2:30 or something. got up and went to the studio for a while to do myself something constructive. i told myself i'd finish a painting this week, one that i've been working on since the end of last semester. but i feel okay about that. god knows i need to start something new, so it'll be good to have that out of the way. but i stayed there until my class at seven, which is a class on the american western. so we watched Red River today, and i was into it.
so now i'm just back in my room and feeling somewhat frustrated because people don't ever answer their phones. getting someone's answering machine is one of my least favorite things. a pet peeve, perhaps. especially when you just never hear back from them. no "oh hey, sorry i was in class." or "i was out before, what's up?" no text message saying "oh hey, i'm in class" or "i'm out, i'll call you later" just leaving you stranded and waiting for someone to see that they have a missed call (now this is junior year) i don't know, i don't think that's out of the question.
on a sour note, this is all.

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