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Sweet Jean Marie

So today started off with me getting a nosebleed.
i don't have class until 4, so i met with beck and went to subway (where i had to pay in cash, even though i have a subway gift card, because the worker told me that it was a "points card" and only for racking subway points instead of using it like a gift card, only to find out after getting the receipt that there is, in fact, money on it) and then we hung out with ashely and nathan in the studio for a while. then i started my six hours of liberal arts in a row. 4 - 10. for some (odd) reason, today the classes were a bit hard to handle. we watched part of a movie on youtube in indian cinema, and it was all jumpy. and my dada and surrealism class is proving to be anthony kurilla's most boring and annoying because my teacher has the number one dullest voice. and today kim and i were going to peace out during the break, but she decided to not take a break and just leave early. nahhhhh.
i've watched a few episodes of daria recently, and it ain't bad. i used to watch that show when i got home from school every day in sixth grade because i would be home alone and i could do what i wanted and it was that.
i've also been listening to death vessel all the time. stay close is blowing me up over here.
now i'm about to shake a tower/take a chris and call it a night because i need to wake up for my 1:00 class tomorrow. and the fact that i need to worry about waking up for that is seriously not right.

happy birthday dad
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