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this is about to technically be my third entry of the day. a little much, i know. but the one about yesterday was done "this morning" and then i got riled up about the akron/family album later in the night. but today was as plain as possible, so this should be short. i had class at 1:00. drawing class. it went by fast. but i stayed after and drew for a while. then i had to do an essay on fredrick kiesler and send it to my teacher because it's late. i ate chocolate raisins and drank orange juice and now i don't feel that good. i did some of that while watching lost.
last night i read the entries of this same week, in 2003. and since this one is a bum, i'll include what i wrote six years ago...

"today was a rather solem beaver of a day. ive been feeling not good at all for the past week or so. its not fun. i have a rugged croc hunter style voice and i cant talk for the first 2 periods of the day. i just got my history class changed becasue i was in a "level 2" class instead of being in a "level 1" class. im not the biggest fan of my guidance counsler by any means. hes kind of a gross guy. "i have an oval head and christopher lowell style facial features." is what he would say if he was discribing himself. school isnt as good this semester as far as seeing my freinds goes. besides bri guy at lunch, m sterm in gym and an occasional shue and bill cosby, im left friendless on this one. i dont even really see anyone in the hallways through the day. hopefully it ends up being not as bad as im expecting. in other news, i got the new red hot chili peppers cd the other day. to say the least, its quite the good one. i heard some of the songs, finding them to be slow and unexiting. then when i got the cd, i found the songs to be slow and less unexiting, and actually very good. my predictions of it were incorrect. well i guess thats all from the news desk today, im colin quinn, thats my story and im sticking to it."

super cool.
i just took an ambien, so we'll see how fun that is.
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