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Kenny the liger

this is a pretty late time to be considered saturday. but whatevs, man i'm still awake.
today emily and i were planning on taking a train at 11:30 or so. but i woke up to a text from her saying that she'd rather take the next one later instead. and i agreed because obviously i was really tired. plus, i was in the midst of having a dream where i walked out of my philadelphia room and jon and jen were wearing blonde wigs and jon was dressed as a girl with make-up and all, and he said something like "hey, how do you like this?". so i wanted to continue that.
so we took the later train and it seemed like a long ride. evan picked us up and we went to dunki and then home and ev showed us his sick new ride. the kid just bought a new car. like, 2005 new, too. so he's large livin'.
being home is nice i guess. i'm glad that emily's here this weekend. sometimes it's a bit harder to get through without her being around. which makes me have some split thinking about next year when i'm home and she's still at school. yikezz.
but really the reason for living today was watching the nba all star events. so we did that and it'll definitely be added to the basketball blogspot, probably after the game tomorrow. i haven't watched a game in so long, so emily's doing so much better than me with knowing all these players. i don't get tnt in philly, so there's not really any way to watch anything. really useful info right here.
valentine's day is really cool. but i guess i hope that anyone who was actually celebrating it with anyone had a nice time (though i feel like there's very few people i know who atually are).
i guess tomorrow will be the last of the high school updating week for matt and i. we'll make it a full circle and do sunday to sunday maybe. i mean, i guess i will. so watch out for that, y'all.
actually pretty tired.
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