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settle down, now

aright, the week long livejournal tour is done. like matt said, i'll probably do some other ones every now and then, but who knows, man.
today i woke up late, but got some good old fashioned sleep in. i hung out with evan for a while. going to taco bell and goodwill and a liquor store. i got my dad guiness for his birthday. we had some things going for their birthdays later today, which was mainly just eating dinner and that. and if you've never made a calzone with peanut butter and jelly, i suggest it.
the all star game was on tonight, and we watched half of it and then left for philly at half time. so i'm not sure who won, but emily and i are both going to update the blogspot tonight about the weekend. some good things happened. but it's basketballdotcom.blogspot.com if you're not in on that.
i've been on eager terms with the new akron/family album that's coming out, and jeff sent me a text message and said that he got it online. so he then sent it to me and i sat in my kitchen and listened to it through and i blew every cool i had. i'd been reading/watching interviews with them through the week and there's not much about that band that isn't the best. my band crush.
so now i'm back in philadelphia and that means a few different things. but i feel alright about most things right now. finishing that painting helped me out a little bit. i think i needed to prove to myself that i can actually finish something. and that i can actually work hard, because most of the time i'm a big time slacker. but it's all alright. also, john and i are going to baltimore for jeff's show on friday, so that'll be something to help me get on through the week.
feels good.
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