a tree once cut down (andyandmicaulyk) wrote,
a tree once cut down

I'm a horrendous writer. i say things i don't mean and prove points that not only contradict a point that i just tried to prove but prevent me from even beginning to attempt to prove a said point. yikess.

i have a few seconds that i can use to write in this now, so i'll update my life:
this week has been an ass-kicker. two papers due on monday, a take home quiz on tuesday, that poorly-written thesis on wednesday, and today was trying to finish a last minute drawing, tomorrow will be hanging for some five-thousand dollar award that i won't win as well as finishing another drawing and starting to clear everything out of the studio, saturday is going to be painting a few studios white and grey and sunday is going to be hanging my show as well has helping other people do theirs. then it's going to be four papers for my american westerns class, one for my dada & surrealism, a take home test for indian cinema and my final, hour long panel critique (dealing with the poor thesis paper which i'll have to make excuses about) on wednesday, all the while doing an exam and a response paper and continuous postings and homeworks for my online class so i can graduate cleanly on may 21st.
but the reception for everything is pretty much exactly a week away, so that'll be a cool time to see a bunch of people.
valuable information to all. the future is the dumbest thing to think about, so all of this is being idiotic according to me, but i think i need to stop trying to not be a sterotype, even if it's one created by me.
the summer is going to be really alright. and actually, the rest of my life will be a summer!
but right now, i'm alright.
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