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there's a little more room on the carcus rack

today was day one of two days of painting in a row, 8:30 - 3:50 on both. so today was an early moon rising.
so last night i took an ambien, which is different from my usual sleep aid, rozerem. but apparently weird things happen to you when you take ambien, like hallucinations and the like, so danielle gave me one and i went for it. however, i didn't get any hallucinations or any weird loopy mind states. i was just normal and not really even that tired. i took it at 10:30 or so since i had to get up at 8, but i didn't actually fall asleep until 3:00. whatevs, man. i actually woke up decently today and wasn't too tired during the day, so maybe that was a difference. i don't know whether it was my body's need to be awake at such hours that just dissed the pill, or whether things like this don't have as much of an effect on me as they do other people. i mean, i can't get drunk either.
but class was on the more productive side and i'm going to reach my goal of finishing that painting that i mentioned the other day. unless something goes sosososososo wrong. i have to have a show up on april 20th, so i need to get ballin'. hard ballin'. none of that t-ball junk. no underarm lofty pitches. i'm looking to bean a bird.
tomorrow is friday and i may hang out with chris stillitano.
saturday is valentines day, and it may as well just be a saturday.
sunday i'm going home in the morning so we can have birthday time with evan and my dad.
just a head's up.
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